About our Home Plans

JAD takes pride in providing a thorough and logical set of Construction Documents for every project. Our Home Plans include the following drawings; a front rendering, all exterior elevations, floor plans with full framing dimensions and annotations, a full foundation plan, multiple cross sections, wall sections, framing plans, window and door schedules, and miscellaneous details.

All Plans can be revised to accommodate the specific needs of the Clients, including regional code requirements. Please call the office to speak with a technician to discuss proposed revisions and to obtain a price quote.

All square footage is based on heated floor space only. Cathedral ceilings, garages, unfinished spaces are not included.

All plans have been designed to meet and/or exceed the requirements of the International Building Code, in effect when the original plan was developed. However, codes are subject to change, therefore we cannot warrant any such compliance. We can however, make any necessary revisions required to meet your unique requirements.